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CHROS Copenhagen is a story of the passion and magic that arises when two creative enthusiasts meet.
The designer Christina Sjöberg is Swedish and has gold in her blood. Her entire life is about jewelry. Her style is glamorous, exclusive and sensual.

Danish Lars Gitz is an industrial designer and architect with the whole world as his playground. His style is based on simple, clean lines and a strict graphic expression.

Together, the couple has created a concept that blends luxury and glamour, tradition and the latest trends - adding a splash of something extravagant. Because women must dare to stand out. Play on their femininity. And wear their splendid jewelry with pride.

CHROS Copenhagen is a name with many facets and meanings. First, it can be interpreted as an abbreviation of Christina of Sweden, partly reflecting the many different materials that are included in the jewelry. And then it is a strong symbol of the love of the couple who had to cross many bridges - also the bridge between Denmark and Sweden - on their journey, with the development of the concept.